We provide the full set of services – guiding your product from your outstanding idea – till the iOS/iPadOS/MacOS app is published to AppStore, including the AppStore optimisation and further support.

Initial Business Analysis / Discovery Phase

In case right now you’ve got the idea, we are open to discuss and help you analyze it, performing the marketing research and competitor analysis.

Software Requirements (Acceptance Criteria) Elaboration, UX Prototyping

If you don’t have the UI/UX design yet — we can help with rapid prototyping of the software solution, applying our knowledge of the iOS/Mac OS Native UI Components. So later — UI Designer will just need to complete the beautification.

UI/UX Design

If you don’t have a trusted UI/UX designer onsite – we have a set of verified digital design agencies, we’ll recommend. We’ll provide several UI/UX designer portfolios, the rates. And you’ll need to pick one.

PoC Development

If you’ve got some complex outstanding feature in your mind, especially if it doesn’t exist in the market yet – and it’s hard to estimate it. We recommend to work on Proof of Concept for that feature.

Assistance with team assembling. Android, Backend, Web development.

After you’ll share your business goals, and we’ll get the picture of your desired system architecture – we can propose our verified partners. That can cover Android (Kotlin, Java), Backend (Ruby, Node.js, Java), Web (Angular JS, React JS) development.

iOS & iPadOS & MacOS Development

This is our Main Focus. To start this stage – we need the Software Requirements Specifications quite ready, UI/UX design approved (UX Prototypes as a minimum).

Project / Product Management

If you feel that the Stakeholders from your side would like to avoid letting Dev Team communicate directly, distracting from some higher priority tasks. You can request a single contact person – the Project / Product Manager. And we’ll provide such person.

Manual QA / QA Automation Engineer

By default we do the manual dev testing, and write the Unit Tests in case that speeds up the development and allows to test particular modules without launching the UI of the apps. And we are flexible here, and anytime we can add to the team another manual QA for regression testing, verification testing, smoke testing … Or if your business requires some certification/compliance – related activities – we can extend the team – to extend the Unit Tests set – to cover even more cases.

AppStore Optimisation / ASO

In case you don’t have the onsite Marketing Agency – before the release of the product and after it is released – we perform analysis of Keywords, Localisation & Targeting, review App Title, Description, App Icons, Categories, Screenshots, Promo Videos and do some other SEO-related activities – to improve the app’s visibility in the app store.

Further Support

Several times a year – Apple is releasing new iOS versions. Before each release – it’s highly recommended to test the app via Apple Beta Software Program. You can delegate that process to our team on regular basis – via Retainer pricing model. As well any time you’ll have new ideas, and will share with us your business needs – we’ll urge to do the Resource Planning on our side – and will try to find a way resolve the new tasks to fit the meaningful timeframes.