• How to Debug Memory Leaks in Xcode, Swift

    Section 1: Memory Report Each time running the app from Xcode and testing – review the Memory Graph, and validate if there will appear some unexpected memory consumption increase. Try to minimise the memory consumption, and avoid memory leaks. Section 2: Memory Graph Make sure that you have 2 targets configured in Xcode. If not…

  • iOS/iPadOS Development Process Best Practices

    It’s recommended to follow the following principles to build first-class Software. Usability Maintainability Scalability, Extensibility Reliability Security Flexibility

  • QA Process Best Practices

    The Quality Assurance should be built into the process of Software Development – and accompany each stage from Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) Elaboration / Analysis – till the point of Release of the Application, and continue on next iterations. Classical Recommended Process Overview We recommend to integrate Jira and a Test Management tool (like Zephyr,…