Tag: IoT

  • Emergency Button Integration

    Our team took part in development of custom BLE device – an Emergency Button. There was a set of hardware-originated issues, that worked well on Android, but caused compatibility issues on iOS. After another iteration of the hardware prototype was developed – the iOS compatibility was fixed. And the IoT BLE button pairing was integrated.…

  • Concrete Delivery Management Solution

    Our team took part in Software Architecture design of a solution for Concrete Delivery Management.

  • iBeacon Indoor Positioning & Navigation

    We have developed a POC for iBeacon Indoor Positioning & Navigation. Which was intended to be used for navigation inside of the Trade Centers, where the GPS positioning is not available. Integrating the targeted adds with discounts and special propositions for the potential customers that are passing by.

  • IoT

    We had the following experience in the domain of IoT